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2014 Ford F-150

  • 2014 Ford F-150

    Ford F-150
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    • Confirmed rattle noise during high acceleration. Scanned the engine control module for codes: P0344 – Camshaft Position Sensor A, P0365 – Camshaft Position Sensor B, P0369 – Camshaft Position Sensor B. Inspected the vehicle for oil leaks and found an oil puddle underneath the engine oil filter. Checked oil level and found oil does not register on the oil level dip stick at this time. FOUND OIL FILTER IS LOOSE WHICH CAUSED THE OIL TO LEAK OUT OF MOTOR. Recommend the oil change service is performed. POSSIBLE INTERNAL ENGINE DAMAGE FROM DRIVING THE VEHICLE W/ LOW OIL LEVEL. Customer approve oil change service.
    • changed oil, replace engine filter, lubed chassis (if applicable), inspected and adjusted tire pressure as state required, topped off fluids Reset the check engine light and road tested the vehicle after oil change. RATTLE NOISE IS NO LONGER HEARD AND THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT HAS NOT RETURNED AT THIS TIME. IF ENGINE NOISE RETURNS RECOMMEND ENGINE TEAR DOWN OR ENGINE REPLACEMENT. RECOMMEND CUSTOMER CHECKED OIL LEVEL REGULARLY TO PREVENT CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE.
    Milton R. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/5/2024


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